10 settembre 2011

Rustic style with white.

Questa casa situata nel sud dell'Andalusia in Spagna, 
ha un carattere rustico senza dimenticare lo stile locale. 
Il legno, il bianco ed alcuni tocchi romantici creano un ambiente caldo e accogliente. 
Impossibile non rimanere "encantada" da tanta armonia.

This house is located in the south of Andalucia, Spagna,
has a rustic character without forget the local style.
The wooden, the white and some romantic touch create a warm and welcome space.
Impossible don't stay "encantada" from so much harmony.

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  1. Hi! That house is so beautiful!!!! Love it! I was in Italy last year in the beginning of October and you had amazing weather! I'm a little envious of that!!! Lucky you! Lovely country and perfect weather! Have a great weekend!

    Love, Kristin


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